Perfusion Fluid for Basic Research

Perfusion Fluid is a sterile, isotonic fluid especially
developed for Microdialysis use.
It is conveniently packed in glass ampoules, 5 mL,
ready to use.
T1 fluid is for use in peripheral tissues and CNS fluid
is used in studies of the Central Nervous System

Perfusion Fluid T1
NaCl 147mmol/L
KCl 4.0 mmol/L
CaCl 2 2.3 mmol/L
Total chloride content 155.6 mmol/L

Perfusion Fluid CNS
NaCl 147mmol/L
KCl 2.7 mmol/L
CaCl 2 1.2 mmol/L
MgCl 2 0.85 mmol/L
Total chloride content 153.8 mmol/L