Microdialysis Instruments

Fraction Collectors    
  CMA 142 Microfraction Collector
- sampling from one or two  
- precision and accuracy from
  1 µL
  CMA 470 Refrigerated Fraction Collector
- optional collection from up
  to four probes
- fractions from 1-2000µL
- fractions cooled down to
  +6  °C
Other Instruments    
  CMA 110 Liquid Switch
- permits manual switching
  between up 
to three
  perfusion lines (syringes)
  and a 
microdialysis probe
  CMA 130 In Vitro Stand
- for storage of
  microdialysis probes
- simplifies calibrations,
   recovery tests
- lengthens probe life  
  CMA 120 System for Freely Moving Animals
- enables microdialysis 
  studies on 
  small laboratory animals