Probe Accessories



CMA Probe Clips
- for use in stereotaxic work   
to place the probe or guide  
in an exact position in the  
- three types available


FEP Tubing
- precise tubing of 0.12 mm 
inner diameter 
- for safe connections of the  
  probes to other 
  microdialysis instruments


Tubing Adaptors
- ensures tight, zero internal 
  volume connections of
Tubing to the probe etc


Trephine Drill Bits
- for making a precise  hole
simplify probe




Anchor Screws
- to secure the guide to the 
scull before cementing






Anchor Screw Drill Bits  
- for making a suitable
  hole for Anchor Screws





Perfusion Fluids
-  Perfusion Fluid CNS fluid for Central Nervous System
Perfusion Fluid T1 for peripheral tissues.



Split Tubing
- enabling reuse of 
  CMA 20 probes