CMA 11 Microdialysis Probe ß-irradiated


   small diameter

    high spatial resolution

   minimal tissue damage

   low internal volume


The CMA 11 Microdialysis Probe possesses greater spatial resolution and causes less tissue damage due to its reduced size. The probe has a cuprophane membrane with an outside diameter of 0.24 mm. The outer steel shaft diameter is 0.38 mm. The inner cannula is constructed of fused silica coated with polyimid (3 and 4 mm membrane) or polyimid tubing (1 or 2 mm membrane). The inlet/outlet capillaries are mounted in a white plastic body matched to the size of a corresponding guide cannula. Once implanted, the probe sits tightly in the guide cannula´s capsule without the need for screwing or cementing. FEP tubing is connected to the probe using tubing adaptors.

The CMA 11 Microdialysis Probes are guaranteed for single use .A matching β-irradiated guide cannula is available.  Complete instructions are included in each package. 


Technical information for CMA 11 ß-irradiated Probes  

Membrane length Cuprophane 1, 2, 3 and 4 mm    
Membrane diameter 0.24 mm
Stainless steel shaft diameter 0.38 mm
Shaft length 14 mm    
Inlet internal volume negligible
Outlet internal volume 1 µL
Irradiated ß

Ordering information for CMA 11 ß-irradiated Probes 

Membrane: Cuprophane
cut-off 6000 Daltons

Ref. No.
801 1001
 CMA 11  1 mm ß-irradiated Probe  
801 1002 CMA 11  2 mm ß-irradiated Probe  
801 1003 CMA 11  3 mm ß-irradiated Probe  
801 1004 CMA 11  4 mm ß-irradiated Probe