CMA 4004 Syringe Pump


   Four syringes carriage

   Ability to use non-standard syringe types

   Pulse free flow

   Flow rates from 0.54 pL/min to 11.70mL /min

   Quick setup using the builet-in syringe library

   Email methods to your peers, download methods and upgrade your software remotely

 Product Note.pdf


The CMA 4004 Syringe Pump is a totally new design that is easy-to-use, can hold four-syringes providing very broad flow range rate suitable for microdialysis. In addition the pump can deliver very precise micro-injections that can be repeated in intervals.

Using the high resolution LCD color touch screen makes it very easy to program and recall methods. The direction of flow can easily be reversed for experiments requiring fluid withdrawal.

The CMA 4004 Syringe Pump has the ability to run in a horizontal or vertical orientation. This allows choosing the proper orientation based on the experiment setup.

The CMA 4004 is equipped with RS-485 for daisy chaining pumps and Digital I/O for remote control as well as USB serial port for computer control.


Ordering information for CMA 4004 Syringe Pump

Ref. No.
CMA 4004 Syringe Pump

70-2215   Footswitch (w/ Phono Plug)
830 9020 Microsyringe 1 mL (glass)
830 9021 Microsyringe 2.5 mL (glass)
830 9022 Microsyringe 5 mL (glass)
830 9023 Microsyringe 10 mL (glass)