CMA Microdialysis distributes Harvard Apparatus products

CMA Microdialysis is a subsidiary of Harvard Apparatus and we therefore also distribute the full product line from Harvard and its subsidiaries into Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

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Please use this link to access to the Harvard Apparatus webpage and get information about the available products for Pumps/liquid handling, Physiology, Surgery & Anesthesia, Behavior and Electrophysiology


Pumps from Harvard Apparatus

Harvard Apparatus, the global leader in syringe pumps, offers a comprehensive Full Line Pump Catalog. Complete specifications and application focused information on the entire range of Harvard Apparatus pumps is inside, as well as new products and information resources to improve your productivity and the versatility of our legendary pumps.

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Who said that the adjectives “advanced” and “flexible” are incompatible with straightforwardness? The Harvard Apparatus Behavioral Team selected for you a range of products allowing focusing your mind on new research advancements rather than on the use of complicated tools for your studies.
Enjoy now the new version of our SMART 3.0 video-tracking! The most user-friendly interface, increase the productivity of your experiments, new modular structure for fitting all needs. Save money and A LOT of time! Simply SMART, simply Powerful.
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Key Features

• Single and Multi-Channel options

• LCD color touch screen with intuitive icon interface for
unparalleled ease-of-use

• Remote Design ideal for work inside incubators and
fume hoods

• Interchangeable Pump Heads

• A library of tubing sizes stored in the pump’s memory
minimizes set up time

• Custom tubing can be used allowing complete flexibility


MiniVent Ventilator for Mice, Single Animal Volume Controlled Ventilators

The HSE-HA MiniVent Mouse Ventilator is an ideal ventilator suited for mice. It is remarkable small in size and can be placed close to the animal. It provides a stroke volume from 30 to 350 µl and can ventilate from 60 to 400 breaths/minute. The stroke volume may be adjusted while the ventilator is running.

Standard Infusion Only PHD Ultra Syringe Pumps

The PHD Ultra is the solution for your most demanding fluidics applications. This pump represents the latest technology in syringe pumps and was developed utilizing the feedback of the world's largest populations of syringe pump users.

MouseOx Plus Small Animal Vital Signs Monitor

    Non Invasive
    Works on anesthetized and conscious subjects
    Works on neonates through adults
    MRI Compatible (see MouseOx Plus sensors)
    Can be used to monitor multiple subjects (see Multiplexer)

Provides the following measurements:

-Arterial Oxygen Saturation
-Heart Rate
-Breath Rate
-Pulse Distention
-Breath Distention