CMA Microdialysis Products—Quality and Reliability Based on Decades of Know-How

CMA Microdialysis offers a complete range of microdialysis products for scientific research. Our product line includes a broad range of microdialysis probes, pumps, fraction collectors and associated accessory products to assemble complete systems for demanding research applications. All our efforts are focused on providing high quality solutions developed specifically for microdialysis applications and manufactured with the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Microdialysis Systems and Configurations

The reliability of a microdialysis experiment depends not only on the selection of appropriate probes for the experiment but also on the components used to set up the complete, functional system. The choice of components is based on the application and the experimental requirements (e.g., in vivo microdialysis on anesthetized animal, in vivo microdialysis on freely moving animal, microdialysis on peripheral tissues, etc.).


Given the importance of each component of a microdialysis system, please contact our experts for any assistance you may need in assembling a solution that will best suit your experimental needs.

CMA products have played a major role in the development and use of the microdialysis technique in academic and industrial research laboratories. Please visit our Microdialysis Education section to learn more about the microdialysis technique, standard components of a microdialysis system, and examples of microdialysis system configurations.