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Microdialysis Probe Selection Guide

Answer the questions below for a suggestion on which probe would be best for your application.

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Where would the microdialysis probes be implanted?

Superior Microdialysis Probes for Every Application

A variety of probe types with more than twenty different membrane and shaft length combinations are available from CMA. Please try our Probe Selection Guide for a suggestion on which probe best suits your application.

All of our probes have the same concentric construction except the linear probes. An inner cannula leads the perfusion fluid from the inlet to the tip of the probe where it comes in contact with the semi-permeable membrane. The fluid then continues up through the outer shaft on its way to the outlet. All metal parts are treated to prevent oxidation of labile compounds in the perfusate. The linear probes consist of a tubing in which the middle part has a window with a membrane, where microdialysis takes place. Corresponding guide cannulae facilitate easy insertion into organs, such as brain, muscles or blood vessels.