Stereotaxic Species Adapters

Adapters to convert stereotaxic instruments to hold different species. Available for rat, mouse, mouse/neonatal rat, neonatal mouse, cat/monkey
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Rat Stereotaxic Adapter 75-1849 View Price
Mouse Stereotaxic Adapter 75-1850 View Price
Mouse/Neonatal Rat Stereotaxic Adapter 75-1851 View Price
Neonatal Mouse Stereotaxic Adapter 75-1852 View Price
Cat/Monkey Stereotaxic Adapter 75-1853 View Price
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These species adapters allow you to covert the Harvard Apparatus stereotaxic instruments to accept other species.Available for rat, mouse, mouse/neonatal rat, neonatal mouse, cat/monkey and for rat/mouse spinal cord.

Mouse/Neonatal Rat Adapter

This elevated platform fits into the Harvard Apparatus Standard U-Frame Stereotaxic Instrument. It is height adjustable and converts U-Frame to securely hold mouse or neonatal rat. The ear bars of this adapter are made of resin and the tips are treated to ensure the head of the animal is securely held without damaging the skull. For neonatal rat, a cheekbone locker is used rather than ears bars because the ear canals have not yet formed.

Neonatal Mouse Adapter

This adapter has been specifically designed for use with neonatal mice. It has a base plate measuring 150 x 100 mm which can easily be placed on the Harvard Apparatus stereotaxic instruments. Both 20o and 45o ear bars are included with this adapter. The incisor, nose clip, and ear bars can all be adjusted to ensure the skull of the neonatal mouse remains level.

Spinal Cord Adapter for Mouse and Rat

This adapter is ideal for securing the spinal of rat and mouse. The base plate measures 210 x 165 x 15 mm and can be attached to the Harvard Apparatus Standard U-Frame stereotaxic instruments. The Spinal Cord Adapter is comprised of three stands, which a height range of 56 mm, and a locking block. This adapter can be adjusted in the vertical/lateral, anterior/posterior, and ventral/dorsal directions.

Key Features:

Adapters to convert stereotaxic instruments to hold different species Mouse, rat, neonates, cat/monkey adapters available Spinal cord adapter for rat and mouse